Grow your business with a leader in Orchard Core CMS Over 10 years of experience developing with Orchard CMS.

Orchard Core Websites and Web Apps

Full-featured and secure websites using Orchard Core best practices

With over a decade specializing in developing Orchard CMS and Orchard Core websites, I've learned a thing or two. I know how to develop websites that help you achieve results, integrate with your existing business processes and 3rd party services, simplify management, and automate manual processes.

Rest easy knowing this is all done using Orchard Core CMS best practices and development standards. This isn't a hobby; It's my passion.

Orchard Core CMS Websites

Orchard Core CMS Modules

Custom Orchard Core Modules

New Competitive-Edge Modules or Enhancements to Existing Modules

Modules are the foundation of Orchard Core, providing functionality and extensibility to your CMS, modular web application, or multi-tenant website. Need a new workflow component, automated process, API, 3rd party service integration, or enhancement to an existing module? I've got you covered!

High performance, extensible, and feature-rich modules developed using the same built-in services and coding style found in the Orchard CORE framework and CMS.

Orchard Core CMS Themes

Beauty and brains with simple administation and 3rd party integration

More than just a splash of glitter and sparkle, my custom themes are responsive, feature-rich, lightweight, easy to manage, and built using the latest features and functionality in Orchard Core CMS. Designed and developed specifically to match your knowledge, skills, business processes, and preferences.

I am extremely knowledgeable on the Orchard Core framework and the tight integration between themes, modules, and widgets, so rest assured that I deliver best-in-class, end-to-end solutions.

Orchard Core CMS Themes

Orchard Core CMS Widgets

Reusable Orchard Core CMS Widgets

Delivering functionality and simplifying administration of your CMS

I've built a custom widget for just about everything at one time or another: image gallery, slider, FAQ, forms, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, live chat, analytics, and many other 3rd party solutions. Or, maybe you require a custom widget for your specific business needs and processes? Great! I've done that, too!

Stunning features and easy administration. Built with extensibility, performance, and reusability in mind.