This blog is mainly about C#, .NET Core and Orchard Core CMS, but I enjoy all things computer science and code in several languages :)

Orchard Core Media Slugify - SEO

Orchard Core Media Slugify renames images and other assets added to the Orchard Core Media Library to make them more URL and SEO friendly. Orchard Core Developers can enable it from the Admin Dashboard to help with Orchard Core SEO.

Orchard Core MediaField

The MediaField in Orchard Core allows you to select media from the Media Library in Orchard Core. Learn more about using it in your Orchard Core Themes and Orchard Core Websites, especially the more recent MediaText and Anchor Abilities.

Custom User Settings

Leverage custom user settings in Orchard Core CMS to manage user profiles and preferences in your Orchard Core Website. This Orchard Core tutorial creates a custom user settings content type to display the author profile of a blog post.

Orchard Core and Docker

Orchard Core has Docker images on Docker Hub for both Linux and Windows. Learn how to run an Orchard Core website in a docker container to test new Orchard Core CMS Features. Learn how to mount a local volume to persist the App_Data folder.

GraphQL in Orchard Core CMS

Orchard Core CMS supports GraphQL. It's perfect for using Orchard Core CMS as a Headless CMS or static website generator. Query content using any REST Client, Angular, React, or Vue. Learn more about GraphQL in this Orchard Core CMS tutorial.

Embed JotForm - Orchard Core CMS

Add forms to your Orchard Core CMS Website using JotForm. Embed a JotForm form in your Orchard Core CMS Website using a shortcode, Liquid filter, content part, or custom Widget. View your forms in the backend using the JotForm API and Dashboard.