Orchard Core CMS RC2 Released! We've successfully upgraded dozens of custom Orchard Core CMS Themes and Modules to RC2!

Orchard Core CMS RC2 Released!

Orchard Core CMS RC2 was recently released and we welcome the new version. There are a few noticeable enhancements as well as a lot of bugs fixes in this release. We've upgraded our website as well as dozens of custom websites, themes and modules that previously targeted RC1.

Orchard Core CMS RC2 New Features

If you code daily like us in the dev branch of Orchard Core CMS, it may not be obvious as to some of the new features released in RC2. Rather than list them all, we've picked our top 5 new features in Orchard Core CMS RC2. Note that some of these have improved even more since the RC2 release.


Sitemaps are a wonderful new feature to help with search engine optimization (SEO) in Orchard Core CMS. You can easily create sitemaps for your website by using the built-in Sitemap Content Types Source, which allows you to quickly generate a sitemap based on content types. See our Orchard Core CMS SEO - Sitemaps Tutorial.

Publish Later

The publish later feature is one of our favorite features in Orchard CMS, and now it has come to Orchard Core CMS. Publish later allows you to schedule when content items are automatically published on the website.

Custom Admin URL Prefix

A custom admin URL prefix allows you to specify a custom URL for the admininstrative backend of Orchard Core CMS. We have a lot of security-minded clients who prefer to have a less obvious route to the backend as well as clients who vary the route depending on the type of tenant.

CodeMirror and Trumbowyg Editors

A CMS is only as good as its content editors, and Orchard Core CMS RC2 introduces the use of CodeMirror as an option for text fields and Trumbowyg as an option for the HTML Body Part. Line numbering, automatic tag closing, and other settings help make content management more enjoyable.

Tenant Workflow Tasks

We leverage the Workflows Feature in Orchard Core CMS whenever possible in our development. Orchard Core CMS RC2 adds Enable and Disable Tenants workflow tasks in addition to the previous Create and Setup workflow tasks. If you do a lot of automation around tenants, you will appreciate the ability to enable and disable tenants in workflows.

Good luck with RC2 and let us know if we can help! We're looking forward to a version 1.0 release of Orchard Core CMS scheduled for September 2020.