Bootstrap Dashboard Theme for Orchard Core. A dashboard theme for presentations, workshops, and Orchard Core training.

Bootstrap Dashboard Theme for Orchard Core

I am receiving more and more requests from clients and freelance Orchard Core developers for training on themes related to dashboards and Admin Themes. Dashboard and Admin Themes are often composed of widgets that retrieve data from numerous different data sources, like queries, API's, custom database tables, event handlers, etc. There is also a fair amount of caching to balance busy dashboards and performance.

While on holiday break, I developed an Orchard Core dashboard theme based on the free HTML Admin Dashboard Template from Start Bootstrap. This is a great starter dashboard theme for beginning Orchard Core developers to get there feet wet with creating dashboards. The techniques and code are applicable to developing Admin Themes for Orchard Core as well. I'll be using this dashboard theme along with others for various Orchard Core presentations, developer workshops, and training of developers new to Orchard Core theme development.

Orchard Core Theme Developer - Bootstrap Dashboard Theme

The theme is intentionally built using a variety of data source and features in Orchard Core: Lucene and SQL Queries, Liquid Filters and EventHandlers, API's, custom services and database tables, Bag Part, List Part, etc. In addition to numerous data sources, the dashboad theme also includes custom menu items, admin menu items, shortcodes and shortcode templates, a custom setup recipe, custom content parts and content types, various data migrations including recipe migrations, etc. I've demonstrated as many Orchard Core features and techniques as possible to expose the beginning Orchard Core developer to the myriad of possibilities open to Orchard Core theme development with an emphasis on creating dashboards with custom widgets.