Forms in Orchard Core CMS Looking forward to future enhancements with forms in Orchard Core CMS.

Orchard Core Forms and Workflow

Although I had followed the development of Orchard Core CMS for quite sometime, it wasn't until Orchard Core was released as beta 1 in June 2018 did I start developing Orchard Core Themes and Modules. One of the first themes I developed was the Coming Soon Theme from Start Bootstrap. This was before Coming Soon was added to Orchard Core CMS. The Coming Soon Theme is a one-page landing page announcing the upcoming Orchard Core CMS website with a simple signup form that allows one to be notified of the launch of the website. The form is simply an email field with an optional reCAPTCHA field to reduce spam. At the time I hadn't created a form in Orchard Core CMS and documentation was sparse. I decided to not create the form until there was more documentation.

At some point Coming Soon was bundled with Orchard Core CMS and I was excited to see how the form was implemented in the theme. It turns out creating a form in Orchard Core CMS is surprisingly simple and straight forward using the Form Part and Form Widget. What wasn't so simple and is still not simple is the workflow the Orchard Core Developer needs to create to process the form. Below is the workflow in Orchard Core CMS used for the subscriber form as of Orchard Core 1.0.0 rc2. This is a bit complex for a simple subscription form in Orchard Core asking for one's email address.

Orchard Core Worflow for a Form

Luckily the majority of my clients use separate online services, like JotForm, WuFoo, MailChimp, etc., and I've been able to avoid this complexity on most occasions by developing custom modules for Orchard Core CMS that integrate with these online services.

I look forward to future improvements in the way Orchard Core CMS handles forms such that the workflows are much simpler.