Orchard Core now has VS Code's Monaco editor. VS Code's Monaco editor is now available in Orchard Core.

VS Code's Monaco Editor in Orchard Core

A good part of my day is spent in the backend of Orchard Core managing content for clients as well as myself. Although I like to use markup whenever possible for adding content to Orchard Core websites, there are times when you need to enter HTML.

Orchard Core supports multiple HTML editors for entering content. One can go old school with a simple multiline textarea for adding HTML content in Orchard Core, or pick a lightweight WYSIWYG editor, like Trumboyg or TinyMCE.

I've been developing with HTML for decades so I typically use the standard editor for HTML in Orchard Core, called Code Mirror. It's not a WYSIWYG editor, which saves me from having the editor alter the code behind the scenes or add extra HTML when performing copy and paste. If you're not as familiar with HTML or won't suffer from the small issues I mention above, one of the WYSIWYG editors is your best bet. I talked more about Code Mirror and other HTML editors in the Orchard Core developer note: HTML Field and Text Field Editors for Orchard Core CMS.

Recently, and by recently I mean yesterday :), another editor was added to Orchard Core, the Monaco editor. The Monaco editor is the same editor used in Visual Studio Code and enjoyed by millions of developers. I use Visual Studio code a lot, thanks in part to the Monaco editor! It has a number of really cool features that make it a joy for development, and now we have the Monaco editor in Orchard Core!

VS Codes Monaco Editor in Orchard Core

If you haven't used the Monaco editor in VS Code, I guarantee you will enjoy a few of its features out-of-the-box in addition to the rich syntax highligthing and code completion. There is the ability to change all occurrences of a pattern, jump to a symbol while navigating around your content, format a document to beautify your code in nanoseconds, and more.

If you're an Orchard Core developer or administrator responsible for adding content to an Orchard Core website, I encourage you to experiment with the various HTML and code editors available in Orchard Core to see which best fits your needs. Sometimes you just need a simple multiline textarea or Code Mirror, other times you will want a WYSIWYG editor like Trumboyg or TinyMCE, and then there are times you may need a proven code editor used by Visual Studio Code, like Monaco!