A Carousel Widget for Orchard Core CMS. Showcase your portfolio using Bootstrap 4, jQuery, and Orchard Core CMS.

Project Description

Bootstrap 4 comes with a lightweight carousel that can be used to showcase your portfolio, store products, travel photos, backyard cookout, etc. The carousel supports a number of enticing features like autoplay, continous looping, captions, navigation controls, and indicators.

I designed a Carousel Widget for Orchard Core CMS that exposes all the bells and whistles of the Bootstrap 4 carousel using the convenience and extensibility of Orchard Core. Designed as a widget, the carousel can be conveniently placed anywhere on the Orchard Core CMS Website, and multiple carousels can be placed on a single page. Add the Carousel Widget to any zone in any layer or as part of your pages using Flow.

Although it works wonderfully out-of-the-box with no coding required, Orchard Core Developers can easily extend the Carousel Widget by adding additional fields and modifying the existing templates. This allows you to continue using the same carousel as the needs of your website or business change.

If you're using one of the built-in Bootstrap 4 themes that come with Orchard Core CMS, the Carousel Widget works out-of-the-box. Just enable the Carousel Widget Feature and start showcasing your work or play!

Project Details