Create Dashboard Themes for Orchard Core CMS. Power your web application built on Orchard Core with an equally powerful Dashboard.

Project Description

The Dashboard Theme is based on a free, open-source HTML Admin Dashboard Template from Start Bootstrap. Many of the themes I use for Orchard Core presentations, developer workshops, and training are based on free and popular templates as most developers will easily recognize them right away.

Dashboard Themes are really fun to develop for Orchard Core, because they consist of a collection of widgets that may or may not be related to each other across a wide variety of data sources. In this theme I intentionally varied the types of data sources using Lucene and SQL Queries, Liquid Filters and Event Handlers, custom services, Web API's, and various built-in content types, content parts (like BagPart and ListPart), and content fields (like ContentPickerField) to showcase numerous ways to develop custom wigets for a dashboard.

In addition to showcasing various ways to plug into data sources, the Dashboard Theme for Orchard Core leverages many other features related to Orchard Core Theme development. It comes with a single Setup Recipe that builds the entire sample application from scratch, several Shortcodes and Shortcode Templates, Liquid Filters and Event Handlers, custom ASP.NET Core filters, custom database tables with sample data, data migrations and Recipe Migrations, custom menu items, Admin Menu items, custom URL's to better secure backend services, and more. All my sample themes are continually updated and enhanced with new Orchard Core features and best practices.

Project Details