Orchard Core CMS theme announcing your website. Great landing page using Bootstrap 4, jQuery, and Orchard Core CMS.

Project Description

During the early days of Orchard Core CMS while it was still in beta in 2018, I began developing custom modules and themes for Orchard Core CMS. It feels like yesterday when I built 3 particular themes (among many now) that I mention in my portfolio. The first theme I developed was the Freelancer Orchard Core CMS theme, closely followed by the Editorial Theme for Orchard Core CMS, and this theme, Coming Soon. All of these themes are based on free Bootstrap and jQuery HTML Templates. As it so happens, I also developed Orchard Core CMS 1.x themes based on these same templates. As you have probably noticed, I've been developing custom modules and themes for Orchard CMS and Orchard Core CMS for well over a decade.

Coming Soon, which is now bundled with Orchard Core CMS, is an attractive underconstruction landing page for your Orchard Core CMS Website. A custom setup recipe builds the entire website from scratch, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly create and launch your new Orchard Core CMS website. The custom theme uses the liquid template language for all its shapes and these shapes are added as liquid templates into the Orchard Core CMS backend where you can easily modify and extend them for your business needs. It also includes a handy dandy form to register visitors that leverages the Workflow Module and Email Module in Orchard Core CMS.

Since Coming Soon is now bundled with Orchard Core CMS I have stopped maintaining and developing my version. It served its purpose well, helping me learn to develop more complex custom Orchard Core CMS themes and modules. If you're an Orchard Core CMS developer looking for a theme to announce your upcoming Orchard Core CMS Website, the Coming Soon theme is a great choice.

Project Details