Custom Menu Items for Orchard Core CMS A collection of custom menu items for Orchard Core CMS.

Project Description

When Orchard Core CMS was still in beta it included only a single menu item, the Link Menu Item. Later on it added a Content Menu Item. However, as I began to develop more sophisticated web applications and dashboards using Orchard Core CMS I had a need for more advanced menu items.

For example, the simplest but most used menu item I have is called an Icon Link Menu Item. It is very popular when developing dashboards and web applications. It simply adds the ability to add an icon along with text to the menu item. One could achieve similar results by modifying the Link Menu Item, but I use it so much on projects that it deserves its own menu item.

That's just the tip of the iceberg, however, as I've developed menu items for Orchard Core CMS based on shapes, liquid templates, queries, etc. Although I recommend keeping menu items as simple as possible, there are times when a web application's dashboard requires more advanced menu items than what is offered in Orchard Core CMS.

Project Details