Editorial Theme for Orchard Core CMS. Orchard Core CMS theme for writers and photographers to help showcase their talents.

Project Description

Like the Freelancer Theme, Editorial is one of the first themes I created for Orchard Core CMS. At the time, Orchard Core was still in beta. It's based upon a free HTML5 Template from HTML5 Up. If you enjoy writing articles with a lot of photos, Editorial is a good Orchard Core CMS Theme to showcase your writing and photography skills.

Editorial includes a setup recipe that creates a sample website from scratch. It also includes numerous Content Types, Liquid Templates, Layers, and Zones to make authoring new content a breeze. Orchard Core Developers and Designers can easily extend and customize Editorial for a website's specific needs.

I extended Editorial to include a blog, portfolio, contact us form, and carousel. These are included as separate recipes that can be run on demand by an Orchard Core CMS administrator from the backend. If you love to write articles and share photos, Editorial is a wonderful HTML5, responsive theme for your Orchard Core CMS Website.

Project Details