Dropbox Media Storage for Orchard Core CMS. Store your Orchard Core CMS Media in Dropbox using Dropbox Media Storage.

Project Description

By default, all media stored in the Media Library in Orchard Core CMS is stored in the APP_Data folder. Orchard Core CMS ships with a module, called Azure Media Storage, that allows you to store your media in a Blob Container in an Azure Storage Account. Azure Media Storage leverages media caching, which intelligently caches and fetches media on the fly from Azure.

I designed Dropbox Media Storage to behave exactly like Azure Media Storage, except I am using Dropbox instead of Azure. Dropbox Media Storage uses media caching to intelligently cache and fetch media on the fly from Dropbox. And, it also supports on the fly resizing of images just like Azure Media Storage. Dropbox Media Storage is so transparent you won't know you're using Dropbox to store your media.

Dropbox File Store and Caching in Dropbox Media Storage

I think Dropbox is a great choice for media storage because most people have Dropbox, which means there are no additional costs to store your media files in Dropbox. There are also many apps that interface with Dropbox, so it is incredibly easy to manage media files for your Orchard Core CMS website. And, of course, you've got the extra security of Dropbox in case you accidentally delete a file and/or wish to retrieve an earlier version.

Project Details