An Orchard Core CMS theme built for freelance developers. Great landing page using Bootstrap 4, jQuery, and Orchard Core CMS.

Project Description

The Freelancer Theme was the first theme I created for Orchard Core CMS. At the time, Orchard Core was still in beta. It's based upon a free, open-source HTML Template from Start Bootstrap. If you're an Orchard Core Developer, you are familiar with these templates as many of the built-in themes provided in Orchard Core are of the same origin.

Freelancer uses many of the new features in Orchard Core. All templates use the liquid template language, which I really enjoy and have extended using liquid filters. The portfolio uses the new BagPart, allowing freelance developers a simpler way to add projects for single-page websites. And, of course, I have included a setup recipe that creates an entire sample website from scratch that you can easily modify to deploy your website quickly.

Freelancer comes with a few notable content types: Landing Page, Project, and Section. As would be expected, all of them are completely extendable, allowing you to easily add additional content fields and content parts as necessary. Developers also have the ability to add new content to the website, like testimonials and services, based on their business needs. New content can be added with no knowledge of HTML and with very little effort!

In addition to the main content types, Freelancer also includes several convenient zones, layers, and widgets to add additional information, like social media links and contact information, to your freelance developer website. New widgets can be added on a page-by-page basis or site-wide depending on your needs. It's a great starter Orchard Core CMS theme and website for someone starting a new freelance development business.

Project Details