Embed JotForm forms in your Orchard Core CMS website. Our Orchard Core CMS Module for JotForm simplifies adding forms to your website.

Project Description

My custom Orchard Core CMS Module for JotForm makes it really easy to embed JotForm forms into your Orchard Core CMS Website. By integrating your Orchard Core CMS Website with JotForm you are able to add HIPPA-compliant forms; accept online payments from popular payment processors, like Square, Stripe, and Authorize.net; collect client signatures; and upload documents or images that are stored according to HIPPA standards.

If you wish deeper integration with JotForm, you have the option of enabling the JotForm API feature. Enabling the JotForm API feature allows your Orchard Core CMS website to securely communicate directly to the JotForm backend. This offers and even richer experience with more sophisticated widgets, JotForm webhooks support, integration with Orchard Core CMS Workflows, and additional form management and utilities.

If you're running an Orchard Core CMS website and use JotForm to create forms and collect important data, I highly recommend our custom Orchard Core CMS Module for JotForm that offers a richer experience for you and your clients.

Project Details