Online Store Theme for Orchard Core CMS An Orchard Core CMS theme for your online store and e-commerce website.

Project Description

This is one of several online store themes I have developed for Orchard Core CMS. I developed it when Orchard Core CMS was still in beta as a sample theme for teaching Orchard Core CMS. It is based on a free, responsive HTML template from ColorLib. I integrated it with Orchard Core CMS to provide a product catalog, a featured slider widget on the homepage, carousels on the product detail pages that support multiple product photos, and widgets to display lists of best selling products, sale products, etc.

The online store theme comes with a setup recipe that builds a sample e-commerce website from scratch. The recipe also enables the powerful search and querying features in Orchard Core CMS, which powers the search functionality of the online store as well as the widgets that display best selling and sale products.

The online store theme could easily be enhanced to run a small online store on Orchard Core CMS.

Project Details