Add Google Analytics to your Orchard Core CMS website. Google Analytics is often one of the first features clients mention when building a website.

Project Description

Clients want to know more about how visitors are using their websites to better meet their needs. Google Analytics is the defacto standard for web analytics and a much requested feature for any website, including Orchard Core CMS Websites.

There are many ways to add Google Analytics to a website, especially if you're using a modular CMS like Orchard Core. It can be hardcoded into the templates, added as a widget, or injected via a custom module. There are pros and cons to each.

I went with the most flexible approach using a custom module. Enabling the module adds a new Google Analytics menu and settings to the administrative dashboard. Activating Google Analytics is as simple as copying and pasting the code from your Google Analytics dashboard. This is all done from the safety of the adminstistative dashboard without the need for development tools and HTML and JavaScript experience.

Project Details