Connect with your visitors using Live Chat. I've added live chat to my Orchard Core CMS website, too!

Project Description

Live chat allows you to connect with potential clients in real-time as they browse your website. I love the idea so much that I added live chat to my Orchard Core CMS website, too.

When you sign up with a live chat provider they will often provide you JavaScript code to add to your website. This code can be hardcoded in your HTML or CMS templates, but this is often difficult to manage and can easily be done incorrectly, potentially causing errors on the website.

I developed the Live Chat module to make adding and managing live chat code in your Orchard Core CMS website as easy as possible. Simply enable the module and a new Live Chat menu option appears in the administrative dashboard. Using the new menu option and live chat settings, one can enable and disable live chat as well as copy and paste the JavaScript provided by the live chat provider. This is all done from the safety of the administrative dashboard without the need for development tools and HTML and JavaScript experience.

Project Details