Orchard Core Resume Theme for Orchard Core CMS. An Orchard Core CMS resume theme for web developers, designers, and freelancers.

Project Description

The Resume Theme is another theme I developed while Orchard Core CMS was still in beta. It's a one-page theme very similar to the Orchard Core Freelancer Theme in that it is a good theme for web developers, web designers, and freelancers to showcase their work experience, education, skills, interests, and awards. It is based on a free, open-source HTML Template from Start Bootstrap and uses Bootstrap, jQuery, Google Fonts, and Font Awesome.

As a free, open-source HTML template, I use the Resume Theme for Orchard Core presentations, developer workshops, and training. It's a great theme to showcase a number of the content editors available in Orchard Core as well as techniques to manage content based on the skills and preferences of those contributing content on the Orchard Core website.

I have several versions of the Resume Theme that I use as part of my Orchard Core training. The simplest version uses the HTML and markup content editors to manage content, which is great for web developers, designers, and freelancers who have exceptional skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Another version of the Resume Theme requires zero knowledge of web development and uses a mixture of built-in and custom content types and parts to make content management simple and elegant. During my Orchard Core workshops and training I show various ways to develop the Orchard Core Resume Theme to accommodate various preferences and skills levels.

Like all my Orchard Core themes, the Resume Theme has been upgraded to the latest versions of Orchard Core and targets the .NET5 framework. Each version has a setup recipe that builds the entire website from scratch, showcasing various Orchard Core content types, parts, and techniques to develop an Orchard Core theme. The Resume Theme can quickly be built and deployed using SQLite, but I also demonstrate how to deploy an Orchard Core website as a web application on Microsoft Azure that uses Azure app services, blob storage, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Project Details