Switcheroo Theme Selector for Orchard Core CMS. Switch themes on the fly in Orchard Core CMS using Switcheroo Theme Selector.

Project Description

Switcheroo Theme Selector for Orchard Core CMS allows you to view your Orchard Core CMS Website using a theme other than the currently active theme. It does not change the current active theme viewed by other visitors. It only changes the active theme for your session, allowing you to preview your website using another theme before enabling it to be the active theme.

You can switch your current theme on the fly to any theme enabled in your Orchard Core CMS website. The theme will be persisted for your entire session until you choose otherwise, allowing you to debug and view your entire website using the new theme. This is particularly useful for Orchard Core Theme Developers when previewing important changes to a theme on a live website without impacting others.

Switcheroo Theme Selector for Orchard Core CMS has no complex configuration settings. Simply enable Switcheroo from the backend and choose themes on the fly from the frontend to make Orchard Core Theme Development and Maintenance a snap for your Orchard Core CMS Website.

Project Details