Tutorials and Resources for Orchard Core Developers Orchard Core modules, themes, and widgets for your Orchard Core Website

Orchard Core Tutorials

A list of Orchard Core tutorials and resources to help new Orchard Core Developers and website owners learn more about using Orchard Core as both a web application framework and CMS. The Orchard Core tutorials and sample code will teach the developer how to use Orchard Core as a full CMS, decoupled CMS, and headless CMS as well as how to develop Orchard Core modules, widgets, and themes.

Orchard Core Developer Notes

A collection of Orchard Core Developer notes and sample code on a variety of subjects. Many of these notes are quick recipes and solutions to Orchard Core questions and problems received from other developers and clients as part of Orchard Core consulting and training. The developer notes also contain book reviews, tools, news, and other information related to sofware and website development.

Orchard Core Portfolio

Orchard Core modules, themes, and widgets developed for Orchard Core. Many of these Orchard Core modules were developed for personal projects, presentations, speaking engagements, workshops, and Orchard Core training courses geared to new Orchard Core developers. This is only a sample. Many of the custom modules, widgets, and themes developed for clients cannot be shared in the Orchard Core portolfio.